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>>>>>>ReQueSt<<<<< - Television steals the conversation. . . [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Journal Layouts Aplenty

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>>>>>>ReQueSt<<<<< [Aug. 22nd, 2004|11:23 am]
Journal Layouts Aplenty
[mood |anxiousanxious]

Ok I'm desprit (sry can't spell) for a background for my journal.......I will give FULL credit to the person that makes me my background....The pictures are behind the cut....

If someone could find a better picture of Kevin Clark for me to use That would be great!!! I would perfer to use this one...but without the writing and bigger...hopefully someone could find this one for me.

Ok i don't want the icon on there but the picture i want to use is in the icon...I would like to use the picture after it says "become this..." I couldn't find a big picture of it but if someone could find a bigger picture that would be great....

Ok now I haven't told you how i would like this dun...I want it as a background for my Journal.....This is why i need bigger pictures....I would like the background of the pictures to be black..... I would like all the pictures to be side by side but each like fading into the next...Kinda like a blend....Ok and at the bottom of the picture I would like it to say "Which one shall i choose?", without the " marks....Could you please have the writing in either lime green or Red. I am sorry for not having the exact pictures but at least I gave you an idea of the pictures i wanna use. OOOO and could all of the pictures be to the left side???But still side by side. lol. Please try to get all of the pictures the same size??. Ask me if you have anymore questions!!
THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!